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CPRO IoT Connect

CPRO IoT Connect is a consulting and software development company specializing in IoT and IIoT. In addition to ready-made IoT solution packages, we offer applications to optimize your business processes. The IoT provides the necessary information for data analysis.
In the role of integrator, we take on the connection and implementation of the latest technologies and infrastructures in the manufacturing industry.

The CPRO IoT Connect offers:

  • Strategy consulting on IoT, IIoT & the cloud
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Process optimization in production
  • Connecting machines and systems
  • Optimizing machine utilization
  • Increasing manufacturing quality
  • Automation of manufacturing processes
  • Preventive maintenance of the machinery
  • Remote service & training through AR/VR

Our industry focus is on the manufacturing industry, mechanical and plant engineering, the machining industry,
component manufacturers and the paint and coating industry.

Everyone is talking about digitalization 4.0. Everyone knows that in order to remain competitive, you and your company must be part of this journey.
In order to be more effective, faster, more customer-friendly, more reliable, more transparent and, last but not least, more successful.

Against the background of digitalization and Industry 4.0, we comprehensively cover our customers' current requirements in the areas of IoT and IIoT. From connecting your entire machine park with your IT landscape, completely networking your production and/or your product, to implementing the latest technologies such as IoT and AR solutions.


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The management team

We at CPRO IoT Connect are motivated and inspired to work on topics such as IoT, IIot, connectivity, digitalization, technical innovations, new digital business models and holistic and sustainable solutions for our customers. Contact us. We are at your service anytime.

Profilbild von Kay Spangenberger

Kay Spangenberger

Managing Director/ CEO

Profilbild von Frank Klein

Frank Klein

Managing Director / CEO

Profilbild von Christoph Roß

Christoph Roß

Head Of Sales / COO

Profilbild von Kay Wiesekopsieker

Kay Wiesekopsieker

Sales & Projectmanager

The right know-how for every industry and every SAP project


The CPRO Group combines 7 locations in Germany


Am Lenkwerk 9
33609 Bielefeld

+49 521 55 73 91-96

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Hamburg (Headquarters CPRO GROUP)

Osterbekstraße 90c
22083 Hamburg

+4940 696 58 50-0

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Balcke-Dürr-Allee 2
40882 Ratingen

+49 2102 87 545-0

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Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 10
76131 Karlsruhe

+49 721 509 988-40

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Balanstraße 73
81541 München

+49 89 444 433 59-0

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Gerhard-Neumüller-Weg 1
94532 Außernzell

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Hauptstraße 7
92729 Weiherhammer

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