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Mechanical engineering package

The introduction of an IoT platform is a crucial step in your digital transformation. The mechanical engineering package gives you a digital image of your production and allows you to make processes more efficient, control them better and react to disruptions at an early stage. Automated processes help you spend less time on conceptual tasks, so you can focus more on your core business.

The mechanical engineering package offers you the option of real-time monitoring through networked machines in order to lay the foundation for automating your production. You will also receive an overview of your KPIs, which can be displayed in apps according to your individual requirements. The mechanical engineering package contains exactly the right components of the IoT platform ThingWorx for all these tasks.

What does the package include?

  • 5 machines
  • 5 users
  • 500 tags / machine
  • ThingWorx Platform
  • ThingWorx Kepware Edge
  • ThingWorx Flow
  • Gold Support
  • 2 installations
    – 1x production
    – 1x for development & testing
    – on your local hardware
  • E-learning library (5 users)

● 1 day kick off
● 2 days installation
● 5 days implementation
● 5 days machine connection
– 5 data points per machine, provided the machine can provide them

ThingWorx IoT Platform

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ThingWorx Kepware Edge

  • One source for all industrial automation data for ThingWorx
  • Connects to virtually any automation device
  • Over 150 drivers and advanced plug-ins
  • Operationally proven reliability
  • Deployed in over 75,000 locations around the globe
  • TLS secured connectivity to ThingWorx
  • Quickly scale your ThingWorx project

ThingWorx Flow

  • Enables easier & faster connection to corporate systems and devices
  • Automates business transactions
  • Orchestrates the flow of information
  • Optimizes access to third-party systems
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