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smart//SOMA® MOCO

//SOMA® solutions from untersee Unternehmensberatung GmbH guide their users through the challenges of a changing working world with an overview, transparency and process reliability. //SOMA® monitors and cockpits are part of the undersea solutions that have been established on the market for years These solutions can be used in numerous industries. The focus is on the solutions monitors and cockpits and activity managers that make it possible to digitize work processes and bring IT ergonomics to the workplace and home office. The aim of using all //SOMA® solution packages from untersee is to achieve a quick and sustainable effect in the company.



//SOMA® MOCO is our solution to help you navigate the challenges of a changing working world with an overview, transparency and process reliability! Smart//SOMA® MOCO, consulting and implementation from a single source.  


smart//SOMA® MOCO
monitors & cockpits

A transparent and orderly overview

At remote locations, at company headquarters, in the home office, in the field or as a workstation abroad – decentralized work has become a trend in the economy at least since the Corona pandemic. But this flexible working model only works if the busy SAP® users don’t have to go through numerous transactions every day in order to get their work done. When the usual interaction in the office and the short official channels are no longer possible, transparency is even more important. This is where the //SOMA® MOCO cockpits come into play: They offer employees clarity about their areas of responsibility and their own need for action.

Advantages of smart//SOMA® MOCO

  • Clear representation of each department and its monitoring
  • Tool for efficient processing of day-to-day operational business
  • High user orientation through priority-oriented worklists
  • 300 predefined reports from practice
  • Organization and control of transaction processing
  • Secure processing of demanding worklists
  • Priority control in the event of bottlenecks
  • Shorter training times for the Handover of tasks
  • Secure processing of demanding workloads even in the home office

smart//SOMA® MOCO activity manager

You also have a clear advantage in processes

The //SOMA® activity manager is a tool for designing, organizing and controlling process flows. The individual process steps are independent of SAP® objects and can be freely defined using your own customizing. It is used, for example, in processes for master data creation, change processes in product development, approval processes in purchasing and order changes.

Benefits Activity Manager

  • Free design of process organizations (independent of SAP documents)
  • Integration of SAP transactions in freely definable activity sequences
  • Activity jumps forwards and backwards in the flow diagram
  • Integration of monitors into activity processing
  • Clear task allocation with completion specifications
  • High automation options
  • Jumps and follow-up functions
  • Comprehensive evaluations
  • Standardized delivery of tasks to freely definable organizational units
Internet of Things - IOT
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