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Passion meets innovation, implementation and integration

CPRO IoT Connect is a consulting and software development company specializing in IoT and IIoT. In addition to ready-made IoT solution packages, we offer applications to optimize your business processes. The IoT provides the necessary information for data analysis. In the role of integrator, we take on the connection and implementation of the latest technologies and infrastructures in the manufacturing industry.

Against the background of digitalization, we comprehensively cover our customers' current requirements in the areas of IT, IoT and IIoT. From connecting your entire machine park with your IT landscape, completely networking your production and/or your product, to implementing the latest technologies such as IoT and AR solutions.

  • PTC Vuforia Augmented Reality
  • PTC ThingWorx IoT Platform
  • PTC Expert Capture
  • PTC Capware
  • PTC Chalk
  • Strategy consulting on IT, IoT, IIoT & the cloud
  • Process optimisation in production
  • Connecting machines and systems
  • Automation of production processes
  • Preventive maintenance of machinery
  • Remote service through AR/VR technologies
  • SAP consulting for all aspects of production
  • SAP developments and customising
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Optimisation of machine utilisation
  • Increasing the quality of production
  • Training & education in all areas

Future-oriented optimization and digitalization of your processes and systems within production through IoT and IIoT!


Here is a small excerpt from our successfully implemented projects:



SAP Manufacturing Execution

Connecting machines and data

The augmented reality applications from software manufacturer PTC provide support in various areas. Whether in production for setting up, operating and maintaining machines, in employee training, in service with guided repair instructions or in sales with virtual product presentations, the possibilities are endless. With AR solutions, your company will be more innovative and measurably more efficient in all areas.

As a PTC implementation partner, we implement individual AR solutions for you.

Our free service Send us your 3D stepfile and we will model an AR prototype for you!

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