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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality – a technology that overlays digital data and images onto the physical world – promises to unlock untapped and unique capabilities. AR will affect organizations of all kinds - from universities, to companies in the manufacturing or process industries, to social organizations. In the coming months and years, it will transform the way we learn, make decisions and interact with the physical world. However, AR will also change the way companies serve customers, train employees, design and manufacture products, manage their value chains and ultimately how they compete.


AR with Jonas Hellwig

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Our portfolio for augmented reality 

Our cross-platform approach enables users to view AR experiences on industry-leading mobile devices and 2D and 3D glasses - including out-of-the-box support for Microsoft HoloLens and HoloLens 2, RealWear and Vuzix.

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PTC Vuforia: Unmatched Augmented Reality Solutions

Vuforia – the best-in-class solution from our partner company PTC – gives industrial companies the tools to quickly create and widely deploy AR content that transforms operations, facilitates knowledge transfer and improves profitability.

PTC’s Vuforia offers best-in-class computer vision capabilities, robust tracking capabilities, and broad platform support and is recognized as the market leader in industrial AR software solutions. Vuforia technology is used by over 600,000 registered developers and hundreds of corporate customers across dozens of industries.

The various individual solutions are designed so that they fully meet the challenges to be served and can also be used independently.

Our free service Send us your 3D step file and we will model an AR prototype for you!

Vuforia Studio

Efficiently create scalable AR experiences – without experienced programmers or expensive custom designers.

Vuforia Studio’s drag-and-drop visual authoring environment enables practitioners and subject matter experts to develop and publish easily consumable AR experiences. Vuforia Studio reduces time-to-value with a robust, visual interface, easy import of design files, and always-on viewer support.

Differentiating features:

  • Visual development environment
  • Easy import of CAD and animated sequences
  • Scalability to support global AR deployments
  • Native support for IoT data
  • Powerful spatial and model tracking
  • Certified support for hosting and on-site deployment
  • Accurate identification of spare parts
  • Ideal areas of use:
    ● 3D digital content overlaid on real assets to provide contextual knowledge
    ● Rapidly develop immersive training and instructional materials
    ● Reuse existing CAD models and sequences to create step-by-step work instructions
    ● Visualize real-time IoT -Data to provide operating conditions and asset performance
    ● Immediate support for mobile and head-mounted devices, including Microsoft HoloLens and HoloLens 2
    ● Complete visualizations that allow you to move around and see inside products
    ● Scaling across products, configurations, devices and regions

Vuforia Engine

Develop fully branded, cross-platform AR experiences with unmatched flexibility and target detection for new and existing apps.

With Vuforia Engine, AR developers can leverage world-class image processing capabilities to recognize and launch experiences from a variety of target types. With broad support for leading modeling platforms and user applications, the Vuforia Engine enables branded AR applications.

Differentiating features:

  • Reliable computational imaging for a wide range of experience targets, including objects, models, images, surfaces, multitargets, cylinders and VuMarks
  • Cross-platform development with support for Android AR Core and iOS ARKit
  • Vuforia Fusion to easily optimize AR experiences across a range of devices
  • Seamlessly integrates with industry-leading, complementary design and modeling applications
  • Diverse community of developers and agencies with extensive experience with Vuforia Engine

Ideal areas of application:

  • High-end production of white label and custom AR applications
  • Development of consumer-oriented applications that require high production values
  • Integration with industry-leading design and modeling applications
  • Situations that require sophisticated and flexible target detection
  • Strengthening brands with complementary Apps
  • Direct consumer sales models

Vuforia Expert Capture

Quickly capture the expert knowledge of your specialists and then edit it easily with Vuforia Expert Capture.

Vuforia Expert Capture is an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box knowledge transfer solution. It provides employees in production and service with expert instructions using AR so that they can carry out their work quickly, precisely and safely – the first time and every time thereafter.

Differentiation characteristics

  • Fast content creation – Record on-demand without any pre-existing resources, CAD data or time-consuming preparation
  • Easier editing and publishing – Automated, easy creation of work instructions with AR thanks to templates for AR experiences
  • Access control and compliance – Access to the individual procedures only for authorized people
  • Hands-free control – dynamic formatting and delivery of content to hands-free devices, HoloLens with spatial awareness
  • Secure and reliable – Vuforia Enterprise AR Suite™ with SOC 2 Type 1 certification: The corresponding report explains controls for security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality

Vuforia Chalk

With Vuforia Chalk, give your employees in the field and your experts a powerful tool that makes remote assistance playfully easy.
Provide your operations and service teams with troubleshooting instructions, support and expertise quickly and as needed. With Vuforia Chalk, a powerful collaboration and communication tool, technicians can get real-time expert support for complex or unfamiliar challenges.

Differentiating features:

  • Reduce operating costs through real-time AR support for accelerated repair or troubleshooting. Travel costs can be eliminated
  • Faster training of technicians thanks to remote mentoring. With modern, digital learning methods, you enable the effective transfer of knowledge from experienced employees and thus turn all team members into experts
  • Higher service quality through precise markings to efficiently convey details or solutions. Annotations for precise ad-hoc instructions stick to the position where they are drawn
  • Market-leading AR technology – PTC’s Vuforia is the industry-leading platform for augmented reality technology

HBR Augmented Reality Experience

The article "Why Every Organization Needs an Augmented Reality Strategy" (Harvard Business Review's Nov/December) by PTC's Michael Porter and James Heppelmann includes an AR companion app developed by Bully Entertainment to illustrate the article's concepts.

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Augmented Reality
How will all companies work in the future?!

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Moderators: Jonas Hellwig & Kay Spangenberger


In our webinar “Augmented Reality in Industry” you will learn more about specific possible applications, gain insights into the state of the art of the technology and see the resulting advantages through a live presentation.


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