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PTC IoT Platform

Connecting a wide variety of systems and your production is the focus of your requirements! The basis is an IoT platform that can be used based on your strategy, your desired scope of services and your individual requirements. The aim is to gain an enormous competitive advantage with data from your systems and products.

Everyone is talking about the possibilities of intelligent and networked production halls and products. The productions that maintain a connection due to their sensors, intelligence and networking can no longer be stopped, that's for sure. Their traces can be seen everywhere in the competitive market. Markets, companies and their customer relationships are being redistributed and are undergoing digital transformation. 

We support companies in optimizing their production through networking, increasing productivity, digitizing products and thereby successfully generating new business models. In this way you create clear differentiating features and additional benefits.

  • This leads to the following improvements in your company:
  • Early detection of potential machine downtimes
  • Shortening throughput times in production and logistics
  • Optimization of capacity utilizationAutomation of processes

In this field of action, we bring our experiences together with your teams.

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PTC – ThingWorx
The complete platform for Industrial IoT

PTC’s ThingWorx is a technology platform with tools for industrial innovation that can be used to develop and deploy IoT solutions, augmented reality (AR) experiences and more. The finished platform simplifies the process of connecting devices and sensors, systems and assets, and can be easily scaled to quickly respond to changes.

The IoT Platform ThingWorx delivers everything you need to drive industrial innovation:

  • Open up new business areas
  • Optimize business processes
  • Improve customer satisfaction
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Integration of ThingWorx into the company’s infrastructure

Through a variety of interfaces, ThingWorx can be connected to the field level as well as the MES and ERP levels. This enables the integration of machine data into business processes to optimize machine availability and utilization.

Your advantages with ThingWorx


Platform specifically developed for Industrial IoT that offers connectivity, scalability and security.


Rapid development, deployment, and extensibility of apps and AR experiences.


High flexibility thanks to the possibility of deployment in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid solution.


Easily develop user interfaces for web or mobile devices using graphical tools without writing code.


Large number of supported products and services for quick and easy integration.

Functions and possible uses

The ThingWorx architecture includes modular functionality that simplifies development and includes pre-built applications for quick, easy implementation of IIoT solutions for common use cases in various industries

Functionalities of the platform

A comprehensive set of tools and functionalities to:

  • Connect heterogeneous devices and applications to access different data sources
  • Create complete IIoT solutions and AR experiences, quickly and easily
  • Analyze complex IIoT data to generate insights, forecasts and recommendations in Real-time
  • Managing the performance of connected devices, processes and systems
  • Experiencing and interacting with physical objects in a more contextualized, actionable manner

ThingWorx Analytics

The machine data collected using the IoT Platform ThingWorx can be further processed and evaluated using ThingWorx Analytics. This makes it possible to present the data clearly and facilitate decision-making processes, e.g. B. to support the alignment of the business model or new machine purchases with reliable data.

Particularly due to the great variety and high speed with which new IoT data is generated, automated use of the data is also possible. These can be used to train machine learning models, which can then be used as a decision-making aid or to predict machine failures.

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IoT for industry

Your production and processes can be completely evaluated at a glance

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Moderator: Christian Spaniol & Kay Spangenberger

In our webinar “ThingWorx – IoT for Industry” you will learn more about the work of tomorrow. From prefabricated modular solutions for conventional key performance indicators and standardized protocols to customized dashboards and retrofitting your production for your individual requirements - the IoT platform ThingWorx offers an ideal solution!

Internet of Things - IOT
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