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The SAP Business Technology Platform


The SAP Business Technology Platform offers a very wide range of services and databases to map extensive IoT and IIoT scenarios. This can be used with integration into existing SAP systems, such as SAP ERP and S/4HANA, or as a separate solution. The topic of data and reliability plays a major role. Getting started is easy and anyone can try it out as a trial version. But you quickly realize that a guide can be useful here. Because when selecting a database service or when asking what do I need here, a solution architect is absolutely necessary.

Looking at digital innovation as a whole, it becomes clear that topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, blockchain, analytics, as well as artificial intelligence and big data often need to be thought of together. This creates a system for digital innovations. In addition to the technologies, services and applications, SAP also provides methods such as design thinking, data intelligence tools and benchmarking. To further accelerate the adoption of digital innovations, SAP also offers SAP Accelerator packages tailored to specific industries and core functionalities such as IoT.

CPRO IoT Connect has extensive know-how in building solutions on the SAP Business Technology Platform using IoT services. This has already been implemented in numerous projects. The experts at CPRO IoT Connect will support you in all aspects of implementing your IoT use cases.

The SAP technologies we master:

  • SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Cloud Foundry
  • SAP Web IDE
  • SAP Identity Management
  • Developments of backend developments on the SAP HANA DB and SAP ASE
  • Developments of frontend applications in SAPUI5 and React
  • Developments in JAVA Springboot and JAVA Script
  • SAP IoT Application Enablement (IoT AE)
  • SAP Thing Modeler
  • SAP Asset Intelligence Network (SAP AIN)
  • SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP)

Digital Core

The digital core consists of the S/4HANA system and the SAP Business Technology Platform. Together they form the unit for mapping new business processes and business models. Both components interlock and cover all the requirements of a modern company.

The intelligent company

How does a company have to align itself in terms of IT today so that it can still be competitive in a few years? Some companies are currently asking themselves this question.

From our point of view, it must be a maximally flexible solution that can be quickly adapted to new requirements. On the other hand, the processes depicted should function in an integrative and stable manner. Is that possible?

The SAP Business Technology Platform provides the basis for the intelligent company. It runs modern services such as IoT, artificial intelligence and analytics functions. These can be connected to the Digital Core and other applications.

Integration into the SAP system

The data collected on the machines can be transferred to an SAP system in order to carry out further evaluations and initiate and control the required processes. This enables consistent data integration from the field to the MES to the ERP level.

For this purpose we developed the smartERP Connector. This impresses with its quick and uncomplicated implementation.

To the smartERP Connector 

Solution package: PoC SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform in a nutshell – we accelerate your PoC!

Find out how you can quickly and easily run your IoT application on SAP Business Technology Platform. Whether with or without additional SAP cloud components, we will help you. In an initial workshop, we record your requirements in detail and based on them create your IoT application with the SAP Business Technology Platform. In the final learning workshop, we will give you the knowledge of how you can improve and operate your application yourself with the SAP Business Technology Platform. Of course, you will also receive documentation of your PoC.

Solution package: Training SAP Business Technology Platform

Do you want to bring your application into the SAP Business Technology Platform? Then we will quickly get you on the road to success!

After you have worked out your exact requirements with us, we will train your developers. We then work together to connect your SAP ERP to the SAP Business Technology Platform and develop your applications there.



SAP Business Technology Platform with renewable energies

CPRO IoT Connect implemented a project with the energy technology company Kaiserwetter Energy in connection with renewable energies, investment in solar parks and wind turbine parks. The data was stored in the cloud with the help of IoT and evaluated for potential investors. The whole thing was implemented on the SAP Business Technology Platform with different IoT services.

Data is read from a wide variety of energy parks worldwide and processed in a central SAP HANA database. The forecast weather data is evaluated with the performance data of the individual assets, enabling reliable liquidity planning for investors. Access is via modern web applications to display performance and performance information. This data can be evaluated and the investment optimized using SAP Predictive Analytics.

The energy technology company Kaiserwetter Energy wants to work with SAP to promote investments in renewable energies and minimize the risk for investors. A groundbreaking contribution to global climate protection.

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