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The intelligent planning tool for Industry 4.0

GANTTPLAN is a software solution from Dualis IT. CPRO IoT Connect is your experienced implementation partner. Thanks to its detailed planning, the production planning tool is able
to take into account all restrictions and requirements for production as well as all resources and thus create an optimized production plan.

smartGANTTPLAN is our solution package: consulting, GANTTPLAN and implementation from a single source.

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The perfect extension of your SAP system

As a manufacturing company, you have to deal with increasing dynamics and complexity in the production process in order to survive in competition. The trend is often towards ever smaller batch sizes and a high variety of variants, which leads to a number of restrictions. It is difficult to take these restrictions into account when planning production orders without the support of a planner. This is where smartGANTTPLAN comes into play, which, thanks to its detailed planning, is able to take into account the restrictions and requirements for production and thus create an optimized production plan.

Be it through automated or manual planning, in the control center of the planning tool you always have full control over your processes and production. smartGANTTPLAN is the ideal extension to your SAP system. You not only get a powerful planning tool in-house, but also a powerful control center with which you can keep an eye on your production.

The smartERPConnector is used to link with your data, with which we can design the data exchange according to your requirements. This means your master and transaction data can be easily transferred to the planning tool.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Planning against limited capacities

  • Increased transparency through modern control center

  • Multi-resource planning in terms of machines, personnel, production tools and materials

  • Automatic plan creation with optimization function (7 target criteria)

  • Manual planning taking all restrictions into account via drag-and-drop

  • Bottleneck analysis and integrated delay analysis

  • Playing through what-if scenarios

  • Analysis of the planning results in the control center,  graphical/tabular reports

  • Collaborative planning

  • Presentation of realistic delivery dates

  • Cost analysis of all production orders

Why you need smartGANTTPLAN

Intensified competition, increasing cost pressure and changing customer requirements are forcing companies to optimize their production even more. In addition to various optimization goals, such as reducing setup and manufacturing costs, it is also important to oversee and control all planning-relevant resources and restrictions in production. What makes matters worse is that optimization goals often compete with one another.

Conventional planning methods such as Excel are no longer able to handle such a complex task. An intelligent planning solution can help: an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system like smartGANTTPLAN enables smooth order processing, short delivery times and permanent cost optimization. The hallmarks of the smart and efficient factory of tomorrow.

smartERP Connector – The hub for your data

Your SAP system is the center for your data and processes. It should stay that way! smartGANTTPLAN connects to the SAP system and uses the data available there to enable planning. The data is transferred to the APS via a standard interface – automatically or manually. This makes it easy to avoid the additional effort involved in maintaining data in different systems and the typical source of errors caused by different data statuses or transmission errors. The smartERP Connector is used here, which serves as a hub for your data.

The smartERP Connector can be configured individually for you so that we can supply smartGANTTPLAN with data according to your processes. Thanks to the flexibility of the smartERP Connector, we can not only communicate with the APS tool, but can also return planning results to SAP.

Do you have other systems with planning-relevant information? No problem, these can also be connected using the smartERP Connector.

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Success Story - Aurolia Technologies GmbH

Aurolia Technologies GmbH is a specialist in surface coating and uses various process technologies to optimize product properties. It serves customers from the sectors of special machine construction, vehicle technology, drive technology, electrical engineering, aviation, measurement technology, medical technology and racing.

Martin Müller, the managing director of Aurolia Technologies GmbH about smartGANTTPLAN:

Why did Aurolia Technologies choose smartGANTTPLAN?

Without complete transparency in production through smartGANTTPLAN, it was simply difficult to determine the current level of utilization as well as the forecast utilization of employees and systems. It was therefore not possible to make precise statements about possible delivery dates within the planning or sales process.

Now our employees are greatly relieved of work preparation and planning. The most important point, however, was that with smartGANTTPLAN we laid the foundation for comprehensive digitalization of production (ERP, planning, internal/external platform).

What are the main advantages of smartGANTTPLAN for Aurolia Technologies?

Some of the most important advantages of smartGANTTPLAN are the quick overview of the current utilization, the better overview of all free capacities and resources and the assurance of adherence to deadlines. In combination with the new ERP system, we also achieve a significant improvement in all processes from goods receipt to shipping.

We are very happy with smartGANTTPLAN. The CPRO IoT Connect team gave us good advice and did a great job.

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Webinar – smartGANTTPLAN

Optimized production plans with SAP and smartGANTTPLAN

smartGANTTPLAN is a state-of-the-art and powerful standard software with service-oriented architecture and a container-based design. This means that the APS system can run on the leading IoT platforms such as Microsoft Azure and is available with integrated, automatic planning both on-premise and via the cloud. With the new web client, the application is available via the web browser on any device.

We are further expanding smartGANTTPLAN towards automated processes. For example, the APS should be able to react to external influences and carry out actions independently if necessary. For example, intelligent personnel requirements and production planning with the help of artificial intelligence and neural networks is also on the agenda.

The application can also be seamlessly integrated into existing ERP and MES systems for the benefit of digital networking. Perfect interaction results in even more time and cost savings for your company in project planning and ongoing operations.

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Webinar detailed production planning
with smartGANTTPLAN

In our second online seminar on production planning, we give a detailed insight into detailed planning with smartGANTTPLAN.

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